Thursday, May 14, 2009

not much of an update

Since my last post I have been to the doctor twice with not a whole lot of news to share. My Strep B test was negative and Dr. J said everything looked great! He said Henry was measuring right on, even though he could feel he was running out of room. I said "Oh, believe me, I know!" He's either going to be a long baby or sleeps like his daddy with his hands above his head because I can feel him from my ribs all the way to my pelvic bone! I have not dilated at all, which at first I was disappointed but he said everything is doing what it's supposed to be doing and we would not likely see a change until I actually go into labor. His advice was to get through these last few days of school and enjoy my last moments of freedom. He said the more I worry and wonder if "today's the day" I will drive myself crazy. He said I'm probably going to have a June baby, but he promised not to let me go a week past my due date (June 5th). So I'm going to do just that! The last day for kids to be at school is next Wednesday and my last day is a 1/2 day Friday so hopefully Henry will come after that and I can get some cleaning and some extra sleep in between now and then. That's all for now. I go in again Tuesday....

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