Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looks like the apple doesn't fall far...

So it sounds like my little "apple" is stubborn like his mommy and gonna do things on his own terms and will more than likely be like his daddy and be late! I had my 39 week checkup today and haven't progressed a bit since last week! Dr J said he'd check me in a week and IF I have progressed, he'll talk about inducing on Thurs. or Fri. But if I'm still the same he will probably let me go another week. He said if he induces too early it will likely end in a c-section and he wants to try to avoid that-and so do I! BUT he said hopefully nature will kick in and I will just go into labor before then. I asked if there was anything I could do to help move things along and he said not really, just pray! So please pray with me that Henry decides to come all on his own soon and we don't have to worry about inducing. I would much rather let things come naturally than have to anticipate an induction. I am SO ready for him to get here and see his sweet little face and kiss his sweet feet that keep jabbing me in the ribs :)


  1. Hang in there Katie, he will grace us with his presence when he feels the need! :) Don't forget to let me know (especially if you are induced) when you are heading to the hospital so I can hook you up with a good room.

  2. I'm praying! I know you're anxious, but it's really best to let him pick his own time and make his own grand appearance! Of course, I was induced and everything went smoothly - no don't panic if you are induced! Henry's personality is already shining through...he's just too cozy to come out right now! :)