Thursday, April 23, 2009

37 spools of ribbon and one happy camper

I finished the mobile in 2 days and I'm quite happy with it! Tuesday, Mary and the girls came over and helped me start it (Mary is the one I got the idea from). It was so good to see them and a fun little project...well for the first 2 hours or so! They had to get home and do homework and I had to run out on another "ribbon run". I swear I think I paid that store's power bill this month! I think I finished cutting and stringing around 10 and crashed for the night. Today I got the rest of the stuff to hang it and Lee just hung it for me. I originally was going to hang it above the bed where a traditional mobile goes but I kind of wanted to hang pictures above the bed plus I didn't want him to be able to pull on it when he gets older and can stand in the bed. With the ceiling painted I knew it would not be able to be moved once it was hung so I hung it in the corner where Henry can still see it.

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment and I started my 34th week today. I know I've said this a million times but this pregnancy has flown by!! I am going to miss it really. I've felt great and been blessed to have such a healthy and easy time ~lets hope the delivery goes the same way!! Since I had a doctor's appointment and so I could get ready for my tea/shower on Sunday I went ahead and took the day off. Lee decided he'd do the same so I'm excited to spend the day with the love of my life.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Henry it is!

So we FINALLY decided on a name! You either love it or hate it. I love it but it's funny to watch people when we tell them that's his name. You either get "Oh! I love that name!" or " that a...uh family name?" No I just like it. I like that it's a normal classic name but it's not overly popular. We also wanted his name to be the name he goes by. Henry means "ruler of the home" which may be the case when he gets here lol. Joseph was my grandfather's name on my dad's side. He died when I was young but I have fond memories of him and every time I smell a pipe, it reminds me of Grandpa.

Henry's bedding finally came in last week. I was SO excited. It had been on backorder and I was beginning to get worried that it wasn't going to make it in time. Luckily it made it and it looks GREAT! I love it so much and it was just what I was expecting. I couldn't wait to put it on and see what it looks like all put together. I need to take it all off and wash it do wash the bumpers and quilt right? His room is almost finished I just need to get things hung on the walls, his mobile finished and hung, and curtains (I can't decide on a a valance or panels but more than likely they will be white).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the kind of laundry I actually like doing!

Now that the dresser is finally finished and now that I have some baby detergent (thanks Noel!!), I decided it was time to start washing some of my little prince's clothes and put them away. I usually hate to do laundry especially fold it all and put it away but this was different! I loved washing his clothes! They are SO tiny! It's hard to believe that we as adults once wore something that small and hard to believe our little guy will be big enough to wear them very soon!! This picture is so cute and puts it all into perspective.

My doctor visit went well yesterday, he said I was measuring a few weeks ahead but also said a tape measure across your belly is not very scientific just something to go by. I asked if that meant if he'd come early or be big or what and he said there's no way to tell really but he didn't think he'd be a "small fry" (great!) Lee and my brother were both 8 pounders so really I have no hope of having a small baby! The doctor also smooshed and poked me and said the baby seems to feel like he's already head down and will likely stay that way until his big debut! We are getting close!! I haven't been very good at taking "belly pics" but everyone keeps asking so I asked Lee to take a quick one yesterday morning-please ignore the hair not all the way dry and fixed and no makeup!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's been a while...

So it's been a while since I updated. I will be 32 weeks this week and go back to the dr. tomorrow. This weekend we have been SO busy! We had our first shower with our family and some close friends given by Lee's sister and two brothers Saturday night. It was SO much fun and we got lots of great stuff!! It really makes things even more real when we were opening presents and later finding their new place in our house. It's hard to believe we will be parents soon and we'll have a new little family member living in our house...that we will be solely responsible for~kinda scary!!
Here are some pics from the shower...

mom and tim playing "name that poo" (it was melted candy bar lol)
Lee, me, Amanda (Lee's sister)
opening gifts

We also finished the baby's dresser!! A few months ago, Lee's parents were cleaning out their basement and came across one of Lee's brother's old baby dressers. It was in pretty bad shape (cosmetically) and they were going to donate it to a thrift store. I immediately saw its potential and begged to have it so I could refinish it. I love refinishing furniture. There's something about taking something old and beat up that nobody wants and turning it into something wonderful.
Here are a few "befores"...

And some "durings"...

AND drum roll please...
Ta-Da! All finished and looking brand new! Needless to say I am very pleased and Lee was so good to help me sand it, put the drawer tracks in, and lift and move it whenever I needed. Thanks to my mom for the knobs!