Friday, August 27, 2010

beach trip

* 5/17/10
To celebrate my summer break starting I took a girls trip with two of my favorite ladies I teach with! This was my first time to leave Henry so I was a little nervous but I know he was in good hands with his daddy! Tracy was so kind to allow us to stay at her parents condo in Gulf Shores. Man was it a nice break! We slept in, went to the beach, and to the pool. I didn't have to fix anybody anything to eat or drink and for three whole days I didn't change a single diaper!! I missed Henry and Lee bunches but it was a much needed break!

11 months

original post 5/12/10
I cannot believe in one month I will have a one year old!!! Where has this year gone!?! Henry is such a sweet boy! He is so busy these days! He has taken several steps in a row and will be walking everywhere before I know it! He stands for several minutes and cruises everywhere. He can now stand from sitting without having to pull up on anything. He still just has two teeth but that doesn't slow him down food-wise. He is such a great eater! He eats many solid foods now and is very well behaved when we go out to eat. He still says momma dadda and "bah" for ball. He signs more, eat, milk, and all done. he loves to play outside and climb all over Sophie-she's such a good dog. He LOVES to go outside and his favorite place to play is at the park! We can't wait for his party next month!!


Original post May 11th
I had a wonderful post and when I cut to paste into word to spell check I lost it all! :(

Henry continued to have one ear infection after another so finally after his 7th (i think) double ear infection, we went to see an pediatric ENT. At the initial consult Henry failed his hearing test. The doctor said it was most likely due to the amount of fluid on his ears and that after tubes it would drain off and he would regain his hearing. Nothing like a failed hearing test to make a momma nervous! After talking more with the doctor, he said Henry was a perfect candidate for tubes and we scheduled them for the following week.
Henry was such a trouper! We woke him up early that morning and loaded him into the car with no bottle or breakfast. We arrived at the outpatient clinic and checked him in and they took us to our own waiting room. The nurses were so nice and the whole waiting area was brightly decorated and had all kinds of fun ride-on toys and things to play with. After about an hour of waiting they called for Henry to go back. Lee and I were so nervous! I swear he wasn't gone 15 minutes and they brought me back a groggy, cranky baby with cotton filled ears. Boy was he mad. He twisted and turned and refused his bottle and his daddy. The only thing that calmed him down was eating ice chips (he is like his mom and loves ice). A little bit later the nurse came by and said he looked great and that we could take him home.
The rest of the day went great! Henry came home and drank two bottles back to back (He hadn't eaten since the night before) and played. We all three took a nice long nap together. We were so thankful his surgery went well with no complications!

I am happy to report that at Henry's follow up appointment he passed his hearing test with flying colors and has not had another ear infection since (knock on wood).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's been too long!

Wow! I really stink at this whole blogging thing lately! Life has really been busy lately but we're still here!! Im going to back track and blog from where I left off. Believe it or not I've started many blogs about this summer but either haven't finished or haven't added pictures. Not really sure who's out there that reads this but here goes nothing to try to catch up!!