Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine is one hard working man!

Saturday was a productive day for us. We never go all out for Valentine's day because we both think it's overrated and you should show the one you love how much you love them everyday-not just one day a year. We slept in till about 9 Saturday morning. Lee made me a wonderful breakfast and then headed to his mom's to study (he's studying for the cpa exam). While he was gone, I filled the nail holes in the crown and scrubbed, vacuumed, & mopped the floors in the baby's room. Lee came home around 1 and I made him a romantic heart-shaped PB&J sandwich and chips :) Then he got straight to work on the baby's room. He caulked the crown, painted the crown, and painted the walls to give it a 3rd coat. I could not be happier with the room!! It looks like a professional came in and painted it! Can I just tell you I have the best husband in the world? He works so hard at work then comes home and works hard studying and working on the house. He has done a fantastic job. He's going to be a wonderful father!

After showers and cleaning up we grabbed some dinner and headed to Target and bought a crib mattress. I told Lee we did not have to tackle putting the crib together after such a busy day but he insisted. We got home and set up shop in the living room so we(he) could watch basketball. The crib had a million parts but we manged to put it together without having too many problems with it and got in only one minor argument when the last piece wouldn't go on right (and by then it was 11:30pm).
We make such a great team! We set the crib up in the baby's (wish he had a name) room and put the new mattress in it. It looks SO good! I cant wait for the bedding to come in to add the finishing touch!!

The other piece of furniture is an antique wooden blanket chest that my mom used as a changing table with my brother and me and I plan on doing the same. It doesn't necessarily "match" the other furniture but that's what I like about it. That, and the fact that it's a family heirloom.

Good things come in...cardboard packages :)

Just before I left work on Friday, I got an email that said my crib had arrived at Wal-Mart and was ready for pickup. I was so excited that I rushed right over to get my first package of the day. Two associates were kind enough to load it in my jeep and made me promise to wait and let my husband unload it!

When I got home I noticed a big box on the front steps. I knew I hadn't ordered anything so I couldn't wait to see who it was from! It turns out it was from my sister in law, Kiersten. She was so sweet to go through all of my nephew, Nicholas's baby clothes and pack them up and send them to Alabama. Kiersten sent a TON of good stuff from newborn sizes all the way to 3T!Thanks Auntie Kiersten and Cousin Nicholas!!! I gotta tell you, this baby is gonna be the best dressed kid in town!

Poor Lee was kicked out of our closet in our bedroom due to my overstuffed wardrobe and I have a feeling our little man is quickly following in his mother's footsteps! I'm beginning to think my mother and I have a serious problem with buying clothes! Why do they have to be so stinkin cute?! However, I am proud to say we have not paid full price for anything we've bought. Most of it has been clearance items from TJ Maxx or Target. Hopefully after we get the dresser refinished a lot of his clothes will be folded and stored in there. These old houses just don't have enough storage!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gotta start somewhere!

Here are the pictures from our (Lee's) hard-working weekend! Our little man's room is really coming along!! I cant wait to see it all put together! Lee's dad is here tonight helping put up the
crown molding. It really makes a big difference! It's going to look even better after its painted. The last two pics are of the crown up, but not finished.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Making room for baby!

I am so excited that we started on the nursery this past weekend. Lee was such a trooper and "kilzed" the walls, painted the ceiling (2 coats), and painted the walls (3 coats) all in two days! It looks great!! His dad is coming over tomorrow to help cut and hang the crown. The only thing left we'll have to do is change out the outlets (old electrical and off-white switches) and touch up the trim and baseboards!! The walls are a light butter-creamish yellow called "moonglow" and the ceiling is a soothing light blue called "caribbean mist" I am really happy the way it turned out!

I also ordered the crib last week it's a white mission-style 3-in-one from Walmart online. It's very similar to the "Kendall" crib from Pottery Barn Kids but half the price and it comes in a bright white (PB only came in antique white), so I am happy.

I plan on ordering his bedding at the end on the week. It's called "Stella" (pictured below) from Pottery Barn Kids. I ordered the pillow sham about two weeks ago to make sure I liked it and to help in picking out paint colors. I'm watching the bedskirt on ebay before I order it and pay full price :) I think it's all going to look great in the room. I'll post more pics soon.