Thursday, August 27, 2009


my sweet sleeper :)

I don't feel like I have had a whole lot to blog about lately. Henry is growing like a weed and getting more fun everyday! He has found his hands and loves sucking on his fingers, sometimes he gets so into cramming his hands in his month, he will gag himself it's pretty funny. He loves to "talk" to me when I talk to him and it just melts my heart. There's nothing better than seeing his sweet face look at me and you can just see love in his eyes! He's a great sleeper as you can see from the pictures above. He has been and still is sleeping through the night (since he was about 6 weeks old). He goes down at about 11:30 and will sleep until about 6:30 or 7:00, get up to eat and then go back down for another 3 hours. I'm working on getting him to go down earlier so we both can get on a good morning schedule for when I go back to work. He's still in the pack-n-play next to our bed and we plan on moving him to his room after we get back from the beach Labor Day weekend. He will be 13 weeks this Friday. He still loves his bouncy seat and tummy time. Yesterday I left him on the floor in the living room while I started dinner. I peeked in on him and found this.

My little inchworm had scooted all the way off his blanket. It wont be long and I won't be able to take my off of him for even a minute! He has recently decided that he hates his car seat. He will be in a great mood and as soon as I strap him in he starts getting fussy by the time we are in the car it turns into a full blown fit. I'm not sure if it's the car seat is uncomfortable or if he gets hot in the back seat or what but it will make for an interesting 5 hour drive to the beach next weekend. Ill be sure to keep you all posted on how that goes. Below are some resent pictures of H.

He loves "tummy time"

Happy boy!
Not quite ready for the bumbo but too into his hands to worry about it! Then the gag!

photo shoot

A few weeks ago my friend Stephanie came over and took pictures of Henry. He was such a good boy and posed for all of his pictures. She got some really great shots. If your loking for a photographer, check her out Here are just a few of my favs..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not too little to giggle...

...ain't that the truth (as we say here in the south)! Saturday night we went over to Lee's parents' house for dinner. I remember thinking to myself when I read his shirt that it wasn't really true because he hadn't giggled before. Just as we were about to leave I was playing with Henry and showing Mimi and Bpaw all of Henry's new "tricks" (smiling and cooing and "talking" to me) well I guess I was looking exceptionally silly because Henry laughed! It was the sweetest sound I think I have ever heard and his smile was as big as his head! He has such a good smile and two big dimples- jut like his daddy. He's only done it once since then but I'm trying to catch it on video to share. I'm sure it won't be long.

He is learning and changing so much every day. He now smiles big and "talks" when he's talked to, especially at night when he's sleepy he will make all kinds of ooohs and ahhhs. He has also discovered how to get his fist in his mouth-yes, he can fit his entire fist in his mouth. I'm sure a college party trick he will one day be so proud of himself for. He discovered last week how to kick the rattles on his bouncy seat and that never seems gets old! These milestones may seem so small to just anybody, but I find it so amazing how much he takes in and how the littlest discoveries can be so huge in our lives.

Two months!

Henry is now two months-where has the time gone!?! Seems like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital wondering what he will wear because all of his clothes were too big for him. Now he's grown out of all his newborn sized clothes! We went to the doctor last Thursday and my chubby bunny weighs 11.4lbs and is 23.75 inches long! He has gained 2 pounds and grew an inch in the last month. He is in the 80th percentile for height and 40th for weight. Dr. W said he didnt look like an 11 pond baby because he is so tall. Im not quite sure where he gets it from, neither Lee nor I are exceptionally tall. She was impressed by his head control and that his hands were open and not in a fist- well what does she expect, my baby is a genius! Just kidding, we are so blessed to have such a healthy baby. Henry got his first round of shots this visit. We opted to do an alternate schedule for shots so this was his first time to get shots besides the HepB at birth. Now THAT was pitiful! (even though it was just 2) He was just hanging out so happy, smiling at the nurse then BAM! out of nowhere he got stuck in the leg and boy were his feelings hurt! I told myself I was not going to be one of those wimpy cry-baby moms but oh my gosh, when I heard that terrible helpless cry I couldn't help it! Luckily he didn't cry for too long and neither did I :)

After his doctor's appointment, I left Henry with Mimi (Lee's mom) and had to go to the school to work on my classroom and get ready for parent orientation. I don't know if I have officially announced it here on my blog but after many prayers, discussions, tears, and more prayers we/I have decided to take 12 weeks of FMLA(maternity leave) and go back to teaching at the end of October. This way Henry will be almost 5 months and then I'll have off Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break, then summer! So only about 6 months of work. It was SUCH a hard decision but finally I have peace about our decision. I think this time I have with Henry here at home will be really good for both of us. With him being a bit older when I go back, I'll feel so much better and can focus on work. We, well actually God, found a wonderful lady to keep Henry in her home. She's about five minutes from the school and will only be keeping Henry. We've had a few trial runs and he's done great and I can tell she really enjoys him. Its so nice to see other people love your child.