Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sooooo not ready for this...

This would be my crazy son tonight...

Six months old as of today and he's already PULLING UP! ! ! What gives?! He just started creeping/crawling a few days ago! I just can't take it! He is growing up too fast!

Tonight he went down as usual... I put him down still half awake and he usually hums/whines himself to sleep. Well, tonight I laid him down and walked out the room a few minutes later he was silent and then all the sudden another 5 minutes later he was making noise. So Lee went to check on him and he said, "Katie come in here quick!!" So of course I ran in there only to find my baby holding onto the rails on his knees, bobbing up and down so proud of himself! I told Lee to make sure he didn't stand and fall out while I ran for my camera. Needless to say we lowered the crib immediately. So many firsts in one month I just can't believe how fast he is growing!

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