Monday, October 5, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Today my Love Bug is four months old! I'm so proud of him and excited about all of the new things he is learning but he is changing and growing up right before my eyes! Does anyone out there have a magic potion to make this slow down a little!? It's bittersweet. Henry is like a sponge soaking up everything that is around him. He is learning all kinds of new "tricks" daily it seems. At four months he ca now roll over front to back and back to front, push up on his arms when lying on his tummy, reach out to touch or grab at things, and he babbles and laughs. He also started eating cereal from a spoon. He loves rice cereal and oatmeal. His favorite toys are his "crunchy" books (they are cloth books that have some kind of plastic in them that make noise when you touch them), horse jumparoo, and rolling around on the floor. Of course he still loves his swing and bouncy seat.

We go Thursday to see how much he's grown and gained since last month. Henry is such a good baby. He's still a great sleeper and such cuddle bug! We are blessed to have such a happy, healthy boy!

I haven't made his 4-month onesie yet but it's on the agenda for this afternoon and will post pictures after out photoshoot. For now, here are some a few from here and there the past week or so.


  1. Too cute!! I didn't know you were making the onesies. How are you doing it?

  2. OMG!! He looks so much like Lee! We all wish we had that magic potion huh!?! They just grow too fast! Have fun your last few weeks.

  3. I love the blog... seriously, where DOES the time go. He's adorable. I love the heading.. you'll have to tell me your secret of how you got all ofthose pics up there! too cute!

  4. Thanks guys!
    Morgan~I made it on publisher and printed it on iron-on paper :)

    Holly~I designed it as a 5x7 project on publisher and then saved it as a jpeg and inserted it on the blog as if it were a photo

    Thanks Meg! I still dont see Lee or myself in him but I get that all the time :)