Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well we just got back from Henry's 4 month doctor's visit and he has lost a pound! I was/am pretty worried as Dr. S said he should have gained at least another pound from last month. Henry hasn't been sick or spitting up and he's been eating just as he normally does but it's so hard to tell how much he is actually taking in while breast feeding. I do supplement from time to time while we are out or if he is with a sitter (pumping is not for me~I've tried and I get next to nothing!) So, Dr. S suggested to supplement a little more during the day and try to get 8oz in him per feeding, keep giving him the rice cereal, and nurse him in the evenings, nights, and mornings. So I am supposed to journal that for a week and bring him back to weigh in next Wednesday to see if that has helped. If not, he said he will do some blood work. He mentioned at the end of the visit that he wasn't overly concerned because he is still eating and acting normal and hasn't lost a significant amount. It could be due to Henry being so active this month (learning how to roll over and jump in his jumparoo) that he burned a lot of calories and to make sure we aren't restricting his diet. So....we gotta fatten this boy up and get some meat on his bones! Please say a prayer that this is all that it is and we will see a weight increase by next week. I will keep you all posted. thanks!!


  1. I will definitely say a prayer for you! Keep us posted. I just have to say you've done great so far just in breastfeeding this long! Much better then me so don't beat yourself up too much about supplementing! :)

  2. Saying prayers for you and Henry! Keep us updated.