Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Henry's first snow day

I heard on the news this weekend that every state in the US (except Hawaii) has snow in it crazy is that!? This past Friday was Henry's first snow day! We had a few inches on the ground which around here is apparently enough for them to call a "winter storm" and enough snow for them to cancel school sooo... that meant for us a day off and an early start to our weekend AND Henry's first snow day!

It snowed here earlier this winter but it was just a dusting so we didn't count that ;) Henry's first snow was actually here almost exactly a year ago but he was snug as a bug in my belly and didn't get to actually play in it :) This year was much more fun...for all three of us. Henry LOVED the snow. He was amazed by it. Before we went out in it, he stood at the door just staring at it all. When we went outside he bounced and flailed his arms in excitement. He would look up and watch it fall and then look down at the ground, it was so cute. He wanted to get down but when I put him down he wanted to be held. He could quite figure what all the white stuff was all about. Lee built us a snowman and Henry loved it! He wanted to touch it but was a little unsure about it being so cold.

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