Sunday, March 1, 2009

baby's 1st snow...sort of!

I know what you're thinking snow? In Alabama?? It doesn't happen all that often but when it does it's such a treat!! It started snowing sometime Saturday night and we woke up this morning to a wopping 3 1/2 inches of fresh powder! The funny thing is that they are calling this a "winter storm" ha! I know all of you in Washington think that is hilarious and Dad in Colorado is probably snickering to himself but the fact that it actually stuck is a big deal here!! Lee, Sophie, and I got out and played in it a bit. As you can see there was no chance of my jacket zipping up!

I am now 26 weeks pregnant (6 1/2 months)! I cannot believe how fast it is flying by!! Two more weeks and I'll be in my third trimester! I had a checkup about two weeks ago and had my routine sugar test to test for gestational diabetes. I passed but my blood count was low and they said I was anemic. They said they baby is perfectly healthy just sucking all the good stuff and keeping it all to himself! I don't mind though...anything for him. I am now taking an extra dose of iron and feeling much better! I knew something was going on because I was feeling so tired and had no energy-much like the first month I was preggo. I love being pregnant and I love feeling all his little bumps and kicks. My favorite time is at night when Lee talks to him. He already loves his daddy so much! He gets excited when he hears Lee's voice and moves all over the place! We can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like. I hope he has Lee's eyes and dimples and definitely his calm disposition. Above all else we hope and pray he is healthy!

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