Monday, February 1, 2010

Movin' on Up

Well he's moving on up,
to the left side.
To a deluxe classroom in the school...

...okay so that was my cheesy attempt to be funny all while telling you, he's moving up! Our big boy has been promoted to a new classroom. It's bitter sweet. I am so proud of him for progressing but it just means he's growing up!

For those of you who didn't hear the long drama filled story, I'll do my best to sum it up... When I went back to work we had someone keeping Henry in their home. I was so happy about this because going back to work was hard enough on me and I felt so good about not having to put him in daycare. Well, after about a month she decided it was more than she could take on and wasn't sure if she could continue after Christmas. You can imagine the panic and heartbreak I felt! I called his new place to see if they still had Henry's name on their waiting list. By the grace of God they "just so happened" to have a spot open up and since we could fill it right away, they accepted! I was super worried and distraught about having to leave him in a "germ infested daycare where all they would do was sit him in a swing all day"

BOY WAS I WRONG!! We could not be happier about where he is and how they care for him. It is very clean and he does anything but sit in a swing all day! I love his teachers and the directors. They are so kind and caring and happy to talk to me and make me feel at ease. We're going to miss his teachers in the infant 1 room but I know he'll like it in his new classroom where he can crawl around and pull up on all of the fun things.

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  1. so glad the daycare thing has worked out. that's a blessing! and i know what you mean, it is bitter sweet when they reach those milestones!!! love the pics on the posts below, the teeth, biter biscuits, and 7 mo pics. wow. henry is growing so fast. he's super cute!