Monday, August 10, 2009

Not too little to giggle...

...ain't that the truth (as we say here in the south)! Saturday night we went over to Lee's parents' house for dinner. I remember thinking to myself when I read his shirt that it wasn't really true because he hadn't giggled before. Just as we were about to leave I was playing with Henry and showing Mimi and Bpaw all of Henry's new "tricks" (smiling and cooing and "talking" to me) well I guess I was looking exceptionally silly because Henry laughed! It was the sweetest sound I think I have ever heard and his smile was as big as his head! He has such a good smile and two big dimples- jut like his daddy. He's only done it once since then but I'm trying to catch it on video to share. I'm sure it won't be long.

He is learning and changing so much every day. He now smiles big and "talks" when he's talked to, especially at night when he's sleepy he will make all kinds of ooohs and ahhhs. He has also discovered how to get his fist in his mouth-yes, he can fit his entire fist in his mouth. I'm sure a college party trick he will one day be so proud of himself for. He discovered last week how to kick the rattles on his bouncy seat and that never seems gets old! These milestones may seem so small to just anybody, but I find it so amazing how much he takes in and how the littlest discoveries can be so huge in our lives.


  1. awww! i love reading about henry! those milestones are huge~ we all remember the first smiles and laughs! and man, they are somthing to cherish. i meant to ask you about teaching, if you were starting back or not. that's great that you will be able to stay home with henry for a little bit longer. and awesome too that you found someone to watch him close to the school! God is Good!

  2. He is so stinking cute Katie! I'm really glad you all stopped by for a visit Saturday, and tell Lee I hope he is feeling better. :)