Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun in the bouncy seat

Henry is getting to be SO much fun! He is starting to smile a lot and totally recognizes us and gets noticeably excited when he sees us or someone he sees often. I love to watch him when he sees Lee when he gets home from work. He smiles big and his legs and arms wiggle like crazy. His new favorite toy is the bouncy seat. Not the nice new bouncy we received as a gift-no way! He loves the $2 one my mom got at a yard sale to keep at her house. We put him in it the other day and he had so much fun in it I took it home with me! He watches the lights and coos and smiles and wiggles from head to toe. I can get so much done when he's in this thing!!

He will be eight weeks old this Friday and growing like a weed. He's finally getting chubby little legs and arms and has a nice little double chin- Why is this not as adorable on adults?!? I cant wait to see what he weighs at his two month check up but definitely not looking forward to the shots!

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