Saturday, June 13, 2009

Henry is here!!!

Henry Joseph Amberson was born June 5th weighing in at 8lbs and was 21.75 inches long and perfect as can be!

Sorry it's taken me this long to post but I've been a little busy ;)
My water broke at home at around 9:45 Thursday night. Lee and I were about to get ready for bed when he said something funny and I laughed. Embarrassing as it it, I thought I wet my pants! We joked about it but then it kept coming! After two calls to friends to see what it was like when their water broke, we concluded it was my water! We checked in the hospital at about 11 and I didn't start feeling contractions until around 3am. By five I was really feeling them and opted for an epidural by 6am. After that, contractions were a breeze!! I was fully dilated at 1pm, started pushing and he was here at 1:45!! I was blessed with a smooth delivery without any major difficulties (despite the fact the cord was around his neck and he was face-up rather than face-down). He has all 10 fingers and all 10 toes and is as perfect as can be! Lee was amazing and was my biggest cheerleader in the delivery room. I didn't think I could love that man anymore until now. My heart has doubled in size since Thursday night and I am so happy to admit I am not the same person I was a few weeks ago!


  1. He's so handsome!! We can't wait to meet him!! Hope y'all are doing ok!!
    Kelley Stein

  2. he really is beautiful. How is the no sleep adjustment kicking in?