Monday, February 16, 2009

Good things come in...cardboard packages :)

Just before I left work on Friday, I got an email that said my crib had arrived at Wal-Mart and was ready for pickup. I was so excited that I rushed right over to get my first package of the day. Two associates were kind enough to load it in my jeep and made me promise to wait and let my husband unload it!

When I got home I noticed a big box on the front steps. I knew I hadn't ordered anything so I couldn't wait to see who it was from! It turns out it was from my sister in law, Kiersten. She was so sweet to go through all of my nephew, Nicholas's baby clothes and pack them up and send them to Alabama. Kiersten sent a TON of good stuff from newborn sizes all the way to 3T!Thanks Auntie Kiersten and Cousin Nicholas!!! I gotta tell you, this baby is gonna be the best dressed kid in town!

Poor Lee was kicked out of our closet in our bedroom due to my overstuffed wardrobe and I have a feeling our little man is quickly following in his mother's footsteps! I'm beginning to think my mother and I have a serious problem with buying clothes! Why do they have to be so stinkin cute?! However, I am proud to say we have not paid full price for anything we've bought. Most of it has been clearance items from TJ Maxx or Target. Hopefully after we get the dresser refinished a lot of his clothes will be folded and stored in there. These old houses just don't have enough storage!

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