Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yes, even after 15 months we are still experiencing "firsts"... even though they don't happen as often as they did in the first year. This first, however, some may say is a little over due. Last night was Henry's first night to spend the night out, and our first night alone without Henry in the house! It wasn't exactly planned but was a success! We went to our dear friends, Mary and Scott's house for Mary's famous chicken spaghetti (mmm I'm still thinking about it today!!). I went ahead and packed pj's because I knew we'd probably get in after Henry's bedtime. After a fun night of dancing with the girls (Ive got to post some video of this kid's dance moves), eating a wonderful dinner, and even getting a bath in Marys big bathtub, Henry was having a ball! Mary begged for Henry to spend the night since he was already in his pjs and she happened to have the next day off and not a thing to do other than spend it with her favorite man!
I will openly admit I was a little apprehensive-not because I was worried Mary couldn't handle it-after all, she's raised three girls! It was me! I was worried how I would do... and more so how Henry would do, but I knew it was time. He needs the practice for when the baby comes. He can't exactly stay in the delivery room with us! When it came time for us to leave, he was a little cranky because it was past his bedtime so after my prince charming went home and packed him an overnight bag and loaded up the pack-n-play, I was able to put Henry down to sleep and leave knowing he went down easy knowing he was in a safe place.
I can't tell you how weird it felt coming home without him. It was that weird feeling like...well like you left your cell phone at home but a million times worse. Lee and I kept saying how quiet the house felt. Even when he's asleep we have the hum of his sound machine in the house. Last night it was just....quiet. Ahhhh...quiet... I was able to relax and get ready for bed knowing I would get a full night's sleep-unless of course Mary called because I must have said 900 times "Call us if you need us, even if it's in the middle of the night".
The strangest part was this morning. I actually had to set my alarm. I wasn't welcomed with a sweet, fuzzy-headed babe holding his Lamby reaching up out of his bed for me. I didn't like that part. BUT I got a text from Mary saying they had a wonderful night with no trouble and that Henry was just fine! I knew he would be. I am a little jealous Mary gets to have a day with my sweet man all to herself doing whatever they want to do-I know he's having a ball!

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