Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hoppy Halloween!

Is this not the cutest frog you have ever seen!?! We sure think so! We had a great first Halloween with Henry. Since Henry isn't quite ready to trick-or-treat or eat candy, we met Amanda, Chris, Summer, Mimi and B-Paw at the zoo thinking Boo at the Zoo wouldn't be as crowded because we figured everyone else would be hitting the streets for candy. Apparently everyone else had the same thoughts as we did and it was pretty packed. We still had a great time, despite the crowd and chilly air! After the zoo we all went to eat Mexican food and warmed up and enjoyed each other's company.
I'll post more pictures tonight...


  1. Too cute! I love his rug in his bedroom. Where did you get it? (I assume that is his bedroom) :)