Thursday, November 5, 2009

hi-ho hi-ho...

It's off to work I go~If only I could be so happy to sing that little ditty every morning. I've been pretty busy lately which is why I am just now posting. October 27 was a hard day! I started back to work. I will say that morning was not as bad as I thought it would be...the night before was the hard part, packing everything up and ready to go. I dropped Henry off bright and early that Tuesday (well actually it wasn't all that bright it was a dark, rainy, & depressing morning). I did fine and didn't even cry when I left! The day went by fast and before I knew it, it was time to go get him! I was surprised how fast the day went by but boy was I busy! I felt like a brand new teacher all over again! Everyone kept asking if I cried when I dropped him off. I didn't cry...until that night...when I had to pack him back up again and do it all the next day. Henry had a hard first week back, as did I, but by Friday Mary said he was a different baby-all smiles. That made me feel so much better. The weekend was busy with Halloween festivities so I didn't even think about things until Sunday night. That was probably harder than packing him up for his first day. I think it was the exhaustion from the week before, busy weekend, and the stress of work. This week has been a little better. Monday was LONG! We had a faculty meeting until 5-That being the longest I've ever had to be away from Henry plus the stress of state walk-throughs coming up on Wednesday did me in! It's been hard but getting better. I know it's been harder on me than it has on Henry for sure. When I pick him up he is always in a good mood and babbles and smiles at me. That makes a world of difference. The hard part is that he comes home and is ready for bed by 7 or 8, which means I only get a few hours with him. By the time I come home, play with him, feed, bathe, pack him up, and get him to bed I am worn slap out!! When the heck am I supposed to clean house or do dishes/laundry??
I honestly didn't intend this post to be one from Debbie Downer but as I read back over it it sure sounds like a pitty party! I know it will get easier and millions of moms and dads do this everyday, It's just going to take some getting used to and find a balance and routine that works for us. I am blessed to have a helpful husband and thankful to have a job in this economy. That's what I need to focus on. That and how lucky I am that I get to see my sweet, precious healthy boy everyday and hold him in my arms!!! It is a gift.

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  1. aww katie i remember how hard it was those first few weeks back at work. soon you will get adjusted. you may not like it, but it will get easier! just love on that baby when you can. and i've learned to just let the housework go. i try and stick to the "no cleaning while the babies are awake" and spend time with them rule. b/c the dust will always be there, but h won't be a baby for long! hang in there :o)