Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the kind of laundry I actually like doing!

Now that the dresser is finally finished and now that I have some baby detergent (thanks Noel!!), I decided it was time to start washing some of my little prince's clothes and put them away. I usually hate to do laundry especially fold it all and put it away but this was different! I loved washing his clothes! They are SO tiny! It's hard to believe that we as adults once wore something that small and hard to believe our little guy will be big enough to wear them very soon!! This picture is so cute and puts it all into perspective.

My doctor visit went well yesterday, he said I was measuring a few weeks ahead but also said a tape measure across your belly is not very scientific just something to go by. I asked if that meant if he'd come early or be big or what and he said there's no way to tell really but he didn't think he'd be a "small fry" (great!) Lee and my brother were both 8 pounders so really I have no hope of having a small baby! The doctor also smooshed and poked me and said the baby seems to feel like he's already head down and will likely stay that way until his big debut! We are getting close!! I haven't been very good at taking "belly pics" but everyone keeps asking so I asked Lee to take a quick one yesterday morning-please ignore the hair not all the way dry and fixed and no makeup!

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  1. Aww, you look great!! The outfit Lee is holding up is too cute!! I cant wait to see him!!