Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lucky # 16!

I am now 16 weeks pregnant and have a 16 month old! Wow time is flying by!! I'm still feeling great other than being tired but the fatigue isn't as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I haven't had any sickness other than feeling a little queasy after eating something with a red/tomato base. I still haven't felt any movement but I didn't with Henry until right at about 20 weeks. I have not done one thing to prepare for this baby and feeling a bit guilty about it. When I was 4 months along Henry, I had already picked out bedding, some furniture, and had a list of boy and girl names going. I keep telling myself it's because we don't know if it's a girl or boy yet but I think its pure procrastiation on my part. When I think about it I just get overwhelmed! Where is he or she going to fit in our tiny house? How am I going to raise 2 babies and work full time? What is Henry going to think about not being the only child around here? I realize these are all normal feelings but they are a bit overwhelming. I am so excited about this new baby and am overjoyed about bringing another life into our family, but a little scared too. I guess now that I think about it I had many worried feelings before Henry got here and just as He always does, God provided for us and I now could not imagine life without him! We go on Nov. 4th for my big u/s and to hopefully find out if henry is getting a brother or sister.

Henry is now 16 months old and such a joy to be around! Last month at the doctor he weighed 23lbs (35-40 percentile) and is 33 inches tall (95th percentile) He's such a happy boy and has such a fun personality. If a one year old can have a sense of humor, Henry certainly has one! He loves to laugh at silly things and he does silly things on purpose to make us laugh. His favorite game is to lean in for a kiss but pull away at the last minute and laugh and shake his head. I of course make a big deal about it and chase him around the house until I can steal a kiss from him which only keeps the game going. He LOVES to be outside. He can find dirt and sticks anywhere we go-such a boy. We play in the front yard every afternoon after school and Henry loves to wave at passing cars, chase the dog, and give me things he picks up in the drive way. He's still not talking a ton but is getting better about attempting to say a word if I ask him to. He's so funny, if he wants something but doesnt know the sign or word for it he will just make up a sign for it. This can be a bit frustrating for both of us but at least he's making an effort to communicate. He babbles in his crazy language all of the time and I love to hear it! His curent words: moma, dada, bah (ball), off, up, nana(banana), oosh (shoes), night night, mah (milk), and his grandarents: kaka (kk), mumu (mimi) bopoh (Bpaw) Ssssuussss (Sue Sue) and my least favorite: no, and top (stop). He also LOVES to dance and sing. His favorite songs to sing are: Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and BINGO (and he knows most of the hand motions to all of them) and he will dance to anything with a beat!

** I promise to get new pictures up soon!!

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