Friday, August 27, 2010

11 months

original post 5/12/10
I cannot believe in one month I will have a one year old!!! Where has this year gone!?! Henry is such a sweet boy! He is so busy these days! He has taken several steps in a row and will be walking everywhere before I know it! He stands for several minutes and cruises everywhere. He can now stand from sitting without having to pull up on anything. He still just has two teeth but that doesn't slow him down food-wise. He is such a great eater! He eats many solid foods now and is very well behaved when we go out to eat. He still says momma dadda and "bah" for ball. He signs more, eat, milk, and all done. he loves to play outside and climb all over Sophie-she's such a good dog. He LOVES to go outside and his favorite place to play is at the park! We can't wait for his party next month!!

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