Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ten Months

My sweet snuggle bunny is ten months old! I can't believe I am already thinking about planning a first birthday!! I was cleaning out his closet and drawers the other day making room for spring and summer clothes and cannot get over how big he is! I can remember them just swallowing them whole and now they are all skin tight and too short. How is it that he is getting so big right before my very own eyes! I was holding him tonight before going to bed and looked down and he is all legs and arms spilling over my lap! He used to be so tiny and fragile looking!

Not only is he growing like a weed but he is learning at lightning speed. He now says momma and da-da and recently out of the blue starting saying uh-oh and at the appropriate time. In fact he drops things on purpose just to say uh-oh. Another new favorite game is...What does a __________ say? As soon as Lee or I say that He stops and looks at us and giggles when we make whatever sound the said animal makes. Henry is the happiest baby I know! He loves "school" and doesn't cry when Lee drops him off anymore and he's so excited when I pick him up. He also loves to be outside. Now that its warmed up we try to stroll every afternoon with my friend and her little girl. Henry just kicks and babbles and hangs out. After our stroll we often sit in the front yard and watch the cars drive by as we wait for Lee to come home from work (he points with his little finger at the cars all the cars).

Henry is eating more and more table food. This Saturday he had his first taste of pancakes (minus the syrup) and he LOVED them! He's also gotten a little pickier. One day last week he ate sweet peas like they were going out of style and the next night he totally snubbed them~silly boy! He still takes a bottle four times a day and juice or water from a sippy cup.

The biggest milestone we've hit this month is walking! Yes I have a WALKING boy in the house!! He started taking a few steps and then just took off! He still falls a good bit and has that cute drunken baby walk but he's getting better and better every day. If he wants to get somewhere fast he'll crawl but for the most part he walks, falls, and gets right back up and tries again. It's so bitter sweet.

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  1. He's so cute, I didn't get a chance to tell you that at church today! I loved his outfit by the way! Did you make it?