Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NiNe MoNtHs!!

** I forgot to publish this saved post earlier this month then I was going to wait until I had pictures and doctor stats and forgot :)

My little lucky charm is nine months already! Its hard to believe I carried him for as long as he has been here! Him being here has been much more fun although I loved being pregnant. He is such a joy to have around and he makes my heart smile! He is getting to be SO much fun and his little personality is developing everyday. At nine months he loves taking baths, stroller rides, loving on our dog Sophie, playing with tupperware, snuggling when he wakes up, quiet time with his "Lamby", books, his daddy, and LOVES blowing kisses! He is SO close to walking its so funny to watch him. He now can stand up without pulling up and will just stand all on his own and when we try to get him to walk he will take a step and clap because he's used to up clapping and he gets all excited and looses his balance and falls-silly boy! He is now eating some table foods and is like a little bird when we are eating something, he'll open his mouth and grunt until we give him a taste. He ate almost an entire plate of guacamole when we ate Mexican the other night. He still has just two little "mouse teeth" as we call them on the bottom. We're trying the sippy cup more and more but he still loves a bottle. I took him to the doctor for his 9 month check up and he is 20.8lbs (40th percentile) and 30 inches tall (97th percentile!) my little string bean ;0) Dr. S said he looked great and was impressed with his ability to blow kisses, stand, and do some baby sign language. Henry was a champ and did all of his "tricks" for him. We were both happy to hear there were no shots for this visit. The bad news is that he had ANOTHER double ear infection-I didn't even know! this was his 5th infection since June so he has referred us to an ENT for a tubes consult next month.

I dont have his 9month pictures loaded yet but here are a few from the past month..Henry and Summer at their 1st sleepover (both busting out of their pjs)

SOOOO big!

 the kitchen whisk
Henry's new favorite toy
Standing all by myself!

So close to taking a step!

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