Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long overdue

Well we FINALLY got Henry in his own room at night. *Remind me next go around to start the baby out in there. It wasn't him-it was us that had such a hard time with it!* When we brought Henry home almost four months ago (i know like i said it's overdue) we set up a mini pack~n~play next to our bed. It was great having him so close and it was super easy at night. When he got up I would get him out, nurse him and put him right back down. I didn't even have to leave the room-practically didn't have to get out of my bed! We said as soon as he sleeps through the night we'll put him in his own room. Well... at 6 weeks he was sleeping through the night and I wasn't emotionally ready for him to leave my side. Not that his room is forever away or anything, it's all of 15 steps from our room! So then we said when he was 3 months. Well... then we planned a beach trip and I was worried vacation would interrupt his sleeping pattern already so I said the day we got back.Well... I forgot (Lee would use the air quotes on forgot but I really did!!) So last Monday I packed up the little bed in our room so I'd have no excuses.

Monday night we hardly slept I was so worried and paranoid something was going to happen or I wouldn't hear him. I must have checked on him 10 times! Henry woke up once and cried but I think it was just because he wasn't sure where he was. After that it's been smooth sailing. Until... Now that he's in his own room I've been trying to get him to go down on his own. Meaning, without being rocked or nursed to sleep. I want him to be able to go down easily and him to have a good routine. SO...with that being said does anyone have any advice??? I've tried the "cry it out method" and it wasn't so successful. I'm not sure if it was me or Henry but I just don't know how long is an appropriate time to let a 3...almost 4 month old to cry it out. I am open to any and all comments! :)

Henry and Daddy reading books before bed:


  1. You did better then I did. Emma stayed in our room till she was 6 months old. In my defense her room is upstairs and so I couldn't imagine her being that far away. I don't remember when we started getting her to go down on her own. I know it was when she became stronger and started fighting us. I couldn't do it anymore and decided to start the cry it out method. It's hard, but truth be told probably harder on you then him. If your not ready then keep doing what your doing and yall will both get there but if you are then try it. I'd let him cry for a few minutes then go in, then a few min more and so on. I don't think there is a right or wrong way.

  2. Try having your own routine every night that doesn't change. Even if it's nursing him or rocking him, the trick is putting him down drowsy but still awake. It will take a week or two of the same for him to understand. Also, when he wakes up crying try not picking him up but pat him, keep the lights off, and don't talk to him or make eye contact. The less stimulation the better. You might have to do this every 5 minutes or so but it works. Don't give up.

  3. I did the nursing until she slept too but I noticed that if her humidifier wasn't on (I keep it on in her room to help with her eczema)she didn't sleep very long. Now I can lay her down when she is really sleepy and turn that on and I think the sound lulls her to sleep. The same works with a fan. I know you don't want him to get attached to it but maybe you can turn it off later, after he's asleep. Just a thought but every baby is different!